What We Do

High-Quality Shrimp, Raised Ethically and Locally


Locally raised, by local labour, following local laws 


Loaded with vitamins and nutrients. No antibiotics, pesticides or preservatives.


Ethical sourcing and production eliminates bycatch and environmental impact


Controlled and optimized environment ensures shrimp are consistent, high quality, and available year-round

Local & Fresh

Meet your new neighbours!

We are proud to provide our customers with the highest quality of shrimp, produced locally and delivered fresh, every time!

  • Locally produced

  • Locally staffed

  • Locally regulated


It matters what goes into your food!

Our Shrimp are loaded with all of the things you want, none of the things you don’t. We never use antibiotics or harsh chemicals and feed only premium, domestically sourced feeds.

  • No antibiotics, pesticides, or preservatives

  • Low in calories, high in protein

  • Loaded with key nutrients and amino acids


Because the environment matters too!

It isn’t enough just to raise great shrimp; it needs to be done responsibly and sustainably. This is why sustainability is at the core of what we do. No mangrove destruction, poisoning of the environment or slave labour, just great shrimp you can trust to be raised legally and ethically.

  • No bycatch or trawling

  • No mangrove destruction or slave labour

  • Minimal system waste & environmental impact


Same great taste, every time!

Our Modular, Clearwater system ensures our shrimp are raised in the perfect conditions from infancy to harvest. This means you can rely on our shrimp to be tasty and high quality, regardless of where or when your buy them.

  • Highest quality of shrimp available

  • Fully traceable

  • A taste and texture you can trust

Problems with Current Shrimp Production

Severe Environmental Impact

Slave Labour & Human Rights Violations

Use of Harsh Chemicals and Prohibited Antibiotics

Contact Us

Suite 610, 600 – 6th Ave SW
Calgary Alberta T2P 0S4
1 (403) 457-1029

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